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Alyssa C., Grass Valley, CA – Case Dismissed

“I was charged with a misdemeanor and trespassing at the abandoned Nevada County Mental Hospital. Welch Law Firm quickly took my case and hired our own investigator to look if certain requirements were met to actually charged me with the crime Nevada County Sheriff did. After negotiating with the District Attorney, my entire case was DISMISSED.”

Patricia A., Woodland, CA – Eased My Concerns

“Dominick Welch eased my concern with his thoroughness, honesty, and integrity. His expertise provided success in reaching my goal through his professionalism, knowledge, ethical commitment, and astute negotiating skills.”

Sean H., Sacramento, CA – Went To Bat For Me

“I knew I had a strong case and I knew I needed a polite but assertive attorney. I watch Dominick do his work and personally argue with the District Attorney regarding my case. I don’t think any other attorney would go to bat for me as Dominick did.”

Justin E., Yuba City, CA – Left No Stone Unturned

“One of our best employees recieved a DUI in Yuba City after attending a concert at the Amphitheater.  The Welch Law Firm could not get the cased dismissed, but dam did they do EVERYTHING in their power to try. Very happy with this service, they left no stone unturned when investigating the defenses.”

Joseph A., Sacramento, CA – Affordable

I was quoted $6000 by another firm to help me with my DUI. I thought that was a little much and decided to try the free DUI consultation at the Welch Law Firm. I was impressed with their no-BS approach to my case. Once I told them I just wanted help through the process and didn’t want to fight my case – they gave me a great deal at half the cost to walk me through the court system.”

Treena A., Roseville, CA – Well-Liked By The Judge

“I attended court for my DUI with Dominick. When Dominick called my case to present it, the Judge actually made an admonishment to the entire court that he and Dominick Welch knew each other personally…even asking if anyone had any objections to that. From what I can tell, Dominick is well respected and liked by both Judges and Prosecutors alike.”

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